Cosmetic Dental Tour Package

  • Cosmetic dentistry in Budapest. Obtain beautiful smile.
  • Consultation with our dental aesthetics professional in Budapest
  • Orthodontics lab in Budapest
  • Dental Spa Holiday Budapest

Cosmetic Dental Tour Package

Book it after free online consultation

You can book our Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Holiday package with or without hotel reservation for minimum 8 days. Check out here the hotel reservation options!

Depending on your specific aesthetic and dental health needs your cosmetic dental holiday package may include:

  • Addition of dental material: ceramic shells or veneers, direct veneering
  • Tooth whitening: Zoom or laser procedure
  • Root canal treated tooth whitening
  • Tooth gem/jewel
  • Orthodontics

This cosmetic dental vacation package also contains a 72 hour Budapest Card that allows our customers to use public transport for free in Budapest and visit some of the sights for free or reduced price.