Implant brands matter - Infographic on implant failure rate

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Our dental implantology experts at Újbuda Dental in Budapest use Straumann, premium Swiss quality dental implants. Straumann technology is a global leader in implantology and is backed by the largest global scientific network.

Here we present a brief infographic on an independent landmark study from 2014, that shows significantly lower failure rate with Straumann dental implants.

The study behind the graphic (Derks et al., 2014) reports on loss of dental implants assessed in a large and randomly selected patient sample. The results were aimed at representing evaluation of effectiveness of implant dentistry. Using the national data register of the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, 4,716 patients were randomly selected. All had been provided with implant-supported restorative therapy in 2003. Patient files of 2,765 patients (11,311 implants) were collected from more than 800 clinicians. Information on patients, treatment procedures, and outcomes related to the implant-supported restorative therapy was extracted from the files. In total, 596 of the 2,765 subjects, provided with 2,367 implants, attended a clinical examination 9 y after therapy. 

Accordind to this study, implant brand also influenced late implant loss. Implant loss is not an uncommon event, and patient and implant characteristics influence outcomes.

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