Dental holidays

Spend saved costs on enjoying the vibes of Budapest!
Dental holidays in Budapest

What is a dental vacation?

It is rare for any health insurance policies to cover dental health resulting in huge price differences between countries, meanwhile the skillset of the dentists and the applied technology complies with the same quality standards. Thus, no wonder, that more and more individuals are seeking out for cheaper dental care in another country and connecting this need with a nice vacation.

Budapest, the capital of excellent dentists

Hungary is known as a great spot to spend some holidays because of its beautiful scenery and affordability. Inexpensive and outstanding dental care makes it a top choice for medical and dental tourism. You can spend the saved costs on entertainment, excursion and sightseeing. In Budapest, procedures, such as dental implants, which are simply financially out of reach for many people in the developed world, are made affordable.

Dental vacation packages

We would like to make it easy for our patients to plan their dental trip to Budapest. Our clinic, Ujbuda Dental, offers different dental vacation packages, that beside our dental implant service pack includes two different hotel accommodation choices with breakfast included and the Budapest card of your choice for free public transport and free entrances to some of the museums and sightseeing spots.

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Check out our dental vacation packages and contact us, to consult how much time will be needed for your planned treatment.